8 things Ghana Military Women are not permitted to do

Ghana Military women are often celebrated for breaking barriers and defying expectations. However, it’s essential to recognize that they are also bound by a set of regulations that dictate their conduct. Like their male counterparts, military women embody strength, resilience, and toughness, enduring challenging experiences that test their mettle. Despite facing adversity, they emerge victorious.

Yet, there are aspects of military life that remain unknown to many civilians who only perceive the armed forces through media portrayals. Let’s shed light on some lesser-known rules that strictly govern military women:

  1. Makeup is prohibited while wearing the uniform. This surprising rule extends across the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force, aiming to maintain a uniform and professional appearance during work or physical training.Makeup
  2. Nail polish is not permitted for anyone in the armed forces. This restriction exists due to the potential messiness and smudging that can occur during tasks involving climbing, crawling, or equipment maintenance. Nail polish - Wikipedia
  3. High heels are unequivocally not allowed in the military. Although this seems obvious, misconceptions may arise from Hollywood’s portrayal of female soldiers donning high heels for off-duty occasions. In reality, practical footwear is prioritized. In love with heels? Here are some tips for you -
  4. Earrings that are visible from the front are prohibited. The focus is on allowing soldiers to wear protective gear for their ears while on duty, rather than prioritizing fashionable earrings. Huggies Are Your New Everyday Earring—
  5. Jewelry, apart from wedding rings, dog tags, and religious items like crosses, is not permitted. In times of injury requiring medical attention, it is crucial to avoid hindrances caused by jewelry when providing aid. Custom Gold & Fine Jewelry -
  6. Revealing tank tops that expose the stomach or bra straps are not allowed, even in hot weather or during workouts. crop top - 8 things Ghana Military Women are not permitted to do-
  7. Shorts that are too short, approximately two inches above the knee, are against regulations. shorts for women -  8 things Ghana Military Women are not permitted to do-
  8. Consumption of alcohol on base is generally prohibited unless one is over 21 years old and attending an official event, such as a family dinner. Alcohol -  8 things Ghana Military Women are not permitted to do-
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It’s important to acknowledge these rules to better understand the standards military women uphold, ensuring professionalism, safety, and cohesion within the armed forces.

GOD bless Ghana Military Women for their Courage.

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