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Reject Mahama and Bawumia in 2024 – Alan Kyeremanten call on Ghanaians

Alan Kyeremanten, the founder of the Movement for Change (MFC) and an Independent Presidential candidate, has urged Ghanaians to dismiss the candidacy of the two major political figures, John Dramani Mahama and Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, in the upcoming 2024 elections. Kyerematen contends that these figures, representing the NDC and NPP respectively, lack innovative contributions to the country.

Addressing a sizable assembly of volunteers during an orientation program in Accra, the former Trade and Industry Minister, popularly known as Alan Cash, raised questions about the novel ideas that Mahama and Bawumia bring to the table. He emphasized the necessity for fresh perspectives and a novel approach to governance to ensure sustained development in Ghana.

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Kyerematen appealed to the youth, acknowledging their role as future leaders, and urged individuals from all walks of life to join the MFC movement. He challenged the status quo, asserting that the incumbent political figures offer nothing beyond the conventional methods of governance.

During the orientation program, which drew over 150,000 volunteers expressing interest in joining the MFC, Kyerematen outlined his vision for Ghana, underscoring the importance of introducing a third force in the country’s political landscape.

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Expressing confidence in his candidacy, Kyeremanten declared that Mahama and Bawumia would be outmatched in the upcoming elections. While acknowledging Vice President Bawumia’s selection as the NPP’s flagbearer, Kyerematen suggested that the electoral process seemed strategically favoring a specific candidate, as evidenced by the primary results.

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