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Blame rod crashes on seductive dressing, not witches – Prophetess

The founder of Saviour Banner Church, Prophetess, Elizabeth Ama Oye, has cautioned the general public to desist from apportioning blame on witchcraft to road accidents in Ghana.

To the Koforidua-Abogri-based Prophetess, the multiple crashes on the various roads in the country have less attribution to spiritism as believed by many.

According to Prophetess Elizabeth Ama Oye, the skimpy and indecent dressing by female pedestrians nowadays is the increasing cause of accident cases in the country.

Prophetess Elizabeth Ama Oye, Founder of Saviour Banner Church

She explained that the seductive dresses of these ladies distract most of the male drivers’ whiles driving which leads to crashes due to their inability to overlook such looks.

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“Not all accidents on our roads are caused by Witches. Some of them are caused by the seductive dress of women pedestrians which distract male drivers. Some women wear very tight dresses which expose their heavy and curvy buttocks. When men see the buttocks they are unable to take off their eyes, they watch and crash their vehicles.” she during a sermon.

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The Prophetess used the opportunity and advised the youth to stay from indecent dressing causing causes ghastly accidents claiming lives.

She also maintained that dressing half naked becomes an avenue to attract spiritism, a situation he stated has made many young ladies struggles for marriage.

“If you dress indecently and expose your breast you attract spirits wandering around to marry you. The reason we have many young ladies battling with spiritual marriage.”

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