Church of Pentecost drove me and my family back to the street – Criss Waddle

Criss Waddle, a Ghanaian singer and businessman, has resorted to social media to highlight the reasons why he will never lend a helping hand to the Church of Pentecost.
The Pentecostal church, according to the AMG CEO, is one establishment he would never support because of the terrible treatment they meted out to him and his family some time ago.

Uncertain as to what prompted the rants, Criss Waddle recounted in a Snapchat post an event where the Pentecost Church’s Tema Community 5 branch flatly refused to aid them when they had nowhere to lay their heads.

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According to Criss Waddle, the church drove him and his family back to the street despite the fact that they had some empty rooms in the manse, and this unpleasant event is still fresh in his mind. Waddle stated that despite the church’s struggle and the fact that he now has the financial capacity to rebuild the church and its manse, he would rather spend his money on a strip club.

He posted a photo of the church and stated,

“This is the community 5 Pentecost church that told my mum and ml that rooms available are for senior pastors so we should sleep at the school park till morning, maybe we will find help 2 rooms Dey empty but e be for senior pastors when there is a Convention.
“Today I fit to break down this church then rebuild am with 30plus rooms, but I no go do, I go rather take go strip club go watch curvy women, built a mosque 14 years ago and the prayers from those Muslims has always been enough for me, go ask Alhaji Tanko.”

Criss Waddle’s comments follow reports that the Church of Pentecost has prohibited its members from producing or selling alcohol or smokes.

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