GIS raises security alert amidst Nigeria jailbreakers making Ghana its hideaway

The Ghana Immigration Service, (GIS), has asked for security-conscious at all entry points into the country following suspected terrorists group who break into jails in Nigeria.

There were reports on Wednesday, July 6, 2022, that some 900 inmates escaped in a jailbreak at the Kuje Maximum Security Prison in Abuja.

A report intercepted by indicated that the Jihadist group, Boko Haram is behind the attack which saw the use of high-end explosives and guns, that freed all 64 Boko Haram-linked inmates among the escapees who are still on the run.

Meanwhile, reports say, about 443 of the 879 escapees are still missing, Umar Abubakar, a spokesman for the Nigerian Correctional Service said, while hundreds of others have either been recaptured or turned themselves in at police stations.

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Officials will “track all fleeing inmates and return them to custody,” said Abubakar.

While Ghana and Nigeria are neighboring countries, many believed that the jailbreakers could be hiding in Ghana.

Despite this, the GIS in a statement has called for stringent measures to be put in place at all points of entry to identify the escapees who may choose to enter the country through authorized and unauthorized means.

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“Considering current migration trends of Nigerians within the sub-region, it is likely most of the escapees will attempt to enter Ghana through both approved and unapproved routes.

“I have been directed to inform you to institute stringent measures at all points of Entry and intensify patrols to deter and intercept all escapees who will attempt to infiltrate the country.”

Below is full of the statement

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