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Here’s how to check your voter ID status in EC’s voters’ register using short code *713*81#

Checking Voter ID Status using Short Code *713*81#

The Electoral Commission (EC) has introduced a convenient way for eligible voters to verify their status on the final voters register through a shortcode: *713*81#. This code is accessible across all networks and ensures registered voters can review their details hassle-free. To check your voter ID status, follow these steps:

Here's how to check your voter ID status in EC's voters' register using short code *713*81#

1.Dial the Shortcode:Using your mobile phone, dial *713*81#.

2.Input Voter ID Number: After dialing, you’ll be prompted to enter your 10-digit voter ID number.

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3. Confirm Payment: A nominal charge of GH¢ 0.60p (60 Ghana pesewas) is applicable. Confirm the payment.

4. Enter PIN for Payment Confirmation: Enter your PIN for mobile money or Vodacash to authenticate the payment.

5. Receive Confirmation via SMS: Upon completion, a text message will be sent to you, confirming your voter details in the register.

This streamlined process offers a quick and accessible means for voters to ensure their registration status before elections.

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