How to prepare a Delicious Ghanaian Jollof Rice

With a delicious spice blend and hearty, hot, and saucy meat, this recipe for Ghanaian jollof rice will give you a bowl of rice that is vividly colored red or orange.

A popular festive dish called Jollof rice is frequently served at weddings, parties, and other large events. Due to the rich and spiciness of the tomato-based sauce used in cooking the rice, it has a vibrant color range from orange to red.

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In this Article, We  are going to give you the step by step approach to preparing a delicious Ghanaian Jollof Rice


jollof rice ingredients mondokayonline


1.chicken thigh
3.tomato paste
4.fresh tomatoes
6.bay leaves& rose Mary
7.onions, ginger and garlic
8.seasoning cube & chicken seasoning
9. Salt
10.vegetable oil

ghana jollof recipe


1.prepare chicken, wash nicely ,add salt seasoning and basil leaves

2.blend some onions, ginger & garlic

3. Add to chicken then marinate for 30 minutes and roast in an oven for 45 minute

4. Starting the Jollof, blend fresh tomatoes with some onions depending on how spicy u want ur Jollof rice

5.start making the stew with slice onions in about 5 table spoon of vegetable oil, allow to fry for 2 minutes

6.add tomato puree or (paste )and keep stirring for about 4 minutes till brown

7.add blended tomatoes seasoning cube,bay leaves, blended ginger garlic then salt to taste

8,add sardine or any meat (optional) can add the chicken to the stew (optional as the chicken can be served separately when the Jollof rice is done).

10.remember to scoop some stew out that could be served with Jollof rice later

11.add the rice with a bit of water or the chicken stock and reduce the heat to very low , cover rice with foil and allow the food to steam properly for about 15 minutes

12.check and keep stirring to avoid burning as Jollof rice can easily get burn

13.mould rice in a small bowl And turn into serving plate,add chicken to the Jollof rice

14.can be served with salad , gravy etc


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