I am now a Successful Musician because I take Risks – Black Sherif

Black Sherif, Ghana’s emerging artist, has revealed the basis of his huge success.

The young gifted rapper attributes his meteoric climb to popularity to his unwavering work ethic.

He claimed that the Zongo taught him to take risks in order to survive, which he claims has helped his music develop.


Ghanaian performer Black Sherif has pushed the frontiers of the music industry both locally and abroad. Speaking about his secret formula for success, Blacko said that as a youngster from Konongo Zongo, he had survived by sticking out. In an interview with TV3, he portrayed himself as a rebel with a passion for success and no fear of failure.

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The way Black Sherif rose to prominence with his song “Second Sermon” was extraordinary. The young musician has continued to develop, winning numerous honors both at home and abroad.
In the same interview with TV3, He discussed his hometown and its role in his great career.


In the kind of community I was born into, the first survival thing that comes to mind is being a rebel. Not a rebel who pulls out knives, but not going the conventional way. 

According to him, he has always taken risks with the mindset that failure is inevitable.

I have nothing to lose. It’s zero. So if I get one and come back, it’s zero. I don’t run into negatives. So I take risks in everything. The beat that you will reject is what I will use for my song. I just keep taking risks and being a rebel with my songs.

Watch the interview below:

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