Ladies according to doctors, big size things may be doing you more harm

Medical professionals advise that discomfort or pain during intimate activities, especially for women, might indicate potential issues. This discomfort could manifest as abdominal or cervical pain, or even bleeding. It’s important to note that these symptoms don’t solely point to one explanation.

The body communicates through various signs to indicate when the intimate encounter may exceed bodily limits:

1. Discomfort and Pain: Adequate lubrication is crucial when your partner is more endowed, as insufficient lubrication can cause friction and discomfort during intimate moments.

2. Bruising and Tearing: Intimate techniques or an oversized anatomy may lead to bruising or tearing, especially if the activity is forceful or rough.

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3. Uterine Discomfort: Pressure during intimate moments might cause pain in the uterus or lower abdomen for some women.

4. Psychological Factors: Emotional and psychological factors like anxiety, stress, or past trauma can contribute to pain during intimate activities, potentially leading to a loss of interest.

Communication between partners is vital to ensure a mutually comfortable and satisfying intimate experience. Seeking guidance from a healthcare professional is recommended if pain persists or concerns about health arise. These professionals can offer tailored advice based on an individual’s health and circumstances.

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