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Nigeria’s Afrobeat singer Harrysong marries 30 women on the same day

Nigerian Afrobeat Artist Harrysong Ties the Knot with 30 Women in Unprecedented Ceremony
In a surprising turn of events, Nigerian Afrobeat sensation Harrysong has become the talk of the town after reportedly marrying 30 women on the same day. This feat surpasses the legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s record of marrying 27 wives in a single ceremony.

Videos capturing the elaborate marriage ceremony have circulated widely online, generating buzz and sparking discussions in the media. The footage showcases Harrysong in the midst of a group of women, all donned in traditional attire—a clear indication of their imminent status as his wives.

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Reactions to this unconventional marriage have been mixed. Some view it as an extreme display of polygamy, while others argue that as long as the singer is well-equipped to provide for all the women and potential children resulting from the union, there may be no inherent issue.

Meanwhile, in a contrasting story, a 67-year-old farmer named Musa Hasahya from Lusaka, Uganda, with 102 children and 568 grandchildren from 12 wives, has decided to cease expanding his already extensive family. Faced with declining health and diminishing income, he has instructed his wives to use contraceptives to avoid further pregnancies.

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Expressing his concerns, Hasahya lamented the challenges posed by the increasing cost of living and the financial strain on his large family. Despite these difficulties, he remains unapologetic about his polygamous lifestyle and shows no regret, even as he takes measures to address the sustainability of his family’s size.

Both stories highlight contrasting perspectives on polygamous unions, with Harrysong’s multiple marriages drawing attention for its unprecedented scale, while Hasahya’s decision reflects a conscious choice to curb family expansion due to practical considerations.

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