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Parts of Accra hit by earth tremor

Accra Experiences Earth Tremor, Prompting Preparedness Discussions

Early on Sunday, November 12, 2023, around 7:20 am, certain areas in Accra felt an earth tremor, causing a brief period of alarm among residents, particularly in locales like Weija, a suburb of Accra. Fortunately, no injuries or property damage have been reported so far. Nevertheless, individuals who experienced the tremor shared their accounts on social media platforms.

This event has sparked discussions and raised awareness about earthquake preparedness in the affected regions.

In response, the Ghana Geological Survey Authority (GGSA) issued a series of cautionary tweets, advising people to remain calm and adhere to safety protocols. They emphasized the importance of the “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” safety measures during earthquakes or tremors. This involves dropping to the ground, holding onto something sturdy, and covering your head and neck to safeguard against falling objects. GGSA’s team of seismologists is actively collecting data to determine the epicenter, magnitude, and other crucial factors related to this event in Awoshie, Kanda, Kasoa Nyanyano, and surrounding areas.

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