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Prices of poultry products to increase by 50% in December

Poultry Farmers Association has announced that egg and other poultry products will be increase by 50% during the Christmas festivity.

According to them, the expected hike is as a result of high cost of feed and other inputs needed to run their business.

This was announced by the Bono regional organiser of the Poultry Farmers Association, Johnson Yeboah.

“If we move to the feed input dealers, every second, every hour prices are moving up and it is affecting the industry so much such that a lot of farms are folding up. If you pick about 10 farms, seven or eight are folding up, it’s serious.

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“I bought soya bean at GHC370 two weeks ago, but as we speak, we are buying at GHC580. So, imagine two or three weeks interval and an item increasing to this level not to talk of feed grams.

“You know we have about seven items when it comes to poultry feed. We have to put together a whole lot of raw materials before we can get quality feed and each of these items comes with a cost and everyday the cost is moving up,” he stressed.

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This, he furthered by indicating that, beginning December 2022, broiler which currently sells between GHC90 and GHC100 is expected to shoot up to GHC150 while a layer will be sold at GHC60.

Meanwhile, a crate of egg will also sell at GHC40, according to the Poultry Farmers Association.

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Source: mondokayonline.com

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